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Integrity policy

Integrity Policy for the International Christian Dance Fellowhip of Scandinavia ("Psalto")


Please note that this is an English translation of the Swedish policy. In case of discrepancies, the Swedish version prevails.



Psalto protects your privacy and wants you to feel safe when you submit your information to us. Here we tell you how we handle your personal information and what we use it for. We also describe your rights. You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions or comments.


Personal data, what is that?

All kinds of information that can be linked to a person. For example, name, address, mobile number and email address.


Why are you collecting my personal information?

To be able to

- inform you about our events and other things that happen that concern Psalto,

- plan food and premises if you come to our events,

- have a current list of members,

- send you invitations to our annual meetings,

- answer you when you contact us.

The legal grounds for these purposes are:

agreement - if you are a member of Psalto,

consent - if you register for an event or contact us.


Who is responsible for my personal information?

Psalto's board is responsible for personal data. Our treasurer handles the list of members on behalf of the board.


What personal information does Psalto collect?

Only those needed for the purpose.

When you become a member, we ask you to give us your

- first name and last name,

- street address, postcode, postal code, which country you live in,

- e-mail address, telephone number and mobile phone number.

We need this information for the member directory and for our communication with you.

If you sign up for an event, we collect the same information and often more, here are examples:

- requests for special diets,

- if you want to share a room and with whom,

- if you paid, how much and when,

- other information that you voluntarily give us.

If you contact us, we will save your contact information so that we can respond to you.


In the member directory, you have the opportunity to also state if you teach dance, if you lead a dance group, what it is called and in what place it is located, what experience you have of dance training, what educations in dance you have attended. You also have the opportunity to indicate if you are interested in any particular area of ​​dance such as children's dance, Israeli dance, intercession and prophecy in dance, banners and flags, dance in evangelism, dance in pastoral care and therapy, encourage men in dance, mime, drama , clownery, sign language or anything else that you can describe yourself. All this to make it easier for members to find and contact each other.


Do you collect sensitive personal information?

Membership in Psalto reveals the sensitive personal information of religious beliefs, and you choose to reveal it to the association yourself by becoming a member. We do not collect any other sensitive personal information such as ethnic origin, political opinion, philosophical beliefs, union membership, health, sexual or sexual orientation, genetic data, or biometric data used to identify a natural person.


We also do not collect social security numbers or financial information, for example about your debit card. All financial transactions are handled by other service providers and we do not have access to their information.


How long do you store my personal information?

Only as long as needed. For example: when you sign up for a dance weekend, we ask if you want a special diet. The kitchen needs that information to get you right. We will delete that information after the weekend. If you stop (or forget) paying the membership fee, you will be deleted from our membership list after about two years. For archival purposes and for future statistics, we may store certain old personal data. These are separated from the daily activities. In order to fulfil good accounting practises we may be required to store information on payments for up to seven years. This information is also separated from the daily activities.


What are my rights?

You have control over your personal information at Psalto. Contact us if you want

- know what information is about you in the list of members,

- change your information in the list of members,

- that we delete your information and forget you.

For your safety, we can ask that you give us your request for a register extract, change or deletion in writing and signed by you.


What happens if I do not want to give you my personal information?

Then you can not become a member. And it can be difficult for you to sign up for our events. If you want to come, talk to the person who is holding the event - it may be possible to arrange anyway.


What legal basis do you have for storing my personal data?

The association's articles of association §5.3 state that "the board shall establish and maintain a membership register". The statutes are an agreement between the members and the association. If you register for an event, we expect you to agree to us using the information you give us.


Do you give my personal information to others?

We have a list of members that is there for Psalto's members to reach each other. If you want to become a member of Psalto without being listed in the membership list, we can make an exception. Then get in touch with us. We do not share personal information about you with others outside the association unless you explicitly ask us to do so or if it is needed for networking within the ICDF. ICDF is the International Christian Dance Fellowship of which Psalto is a part.


I have opinions on this policy!

Please contact us. Easiest via the contact form on the website under "Contact us" or email to


I want to complain about how you process my personal data!

Submit your complaint to the Privacy Protection Agency, Phone: 08-657 61 00, E-mail:, Postal address: The Privacy Protection Agency, Box 8114, 104 20 Stockholm.

Keep in mind that written communication with the Privacy Protection Authority, both e-mail and regular mail, becomes a public document and may be recorded.


Does this policy also apply to my visits to the website

ICDF hosts the website Here is the policy for it:


Psalto reserves the right to update this policy. Current policy is always available on Psalto's website. Feel free to look at it from time to time to see that you accept any changes. This policy is revision 1.1 and entered into force on 6 March 2022.


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